July 20th, 1969

Man landing on the Moon gave the world a new perspective. A single event united humankind and forever changed our future. For the first time, we stood together and looked back at our planet.

July 20th, 2019

50 years later, we bring the experience of being on the Moon here to Earth.








A profound experience inspiring a new outlook and sense of appreciation, encouraging us to protect our one and only Earth.

With only a few astronauts traveling to outer space and fewer still setting foot on the Moon, for the rest of humanity that experience is communicated only through photographs, low-resolution videos, and a few artifacts in museums.

What if we can give all of humanity the experience of seeing Planet Earth from the perspective of the Moon to the best of our ability here on Earth?

"The Lookback” (opening July 20th, 2019) is not just the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Moon Landing, but also a pilgrimage that aims to give people a journey of moral and spiritual significance.

Help us bring this vision to life!

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