Look back at Earth.

An innovative installation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moonlanding.

Experience being on the Moon.

A large-scale experience created to foster 
love and reflection
on humanity’s responsibility 
to the Earth and to each other.

An unprecedented immersive venue that 
combines art,
entertainment and education and 
engages all of the senses.






Astronauts say that looking back at Earth 
was the most profound and enlightening moment 
of their lives: a true awakening that we are all one family here on Earth and have a duty to preserve our precious planet above all.

The rest of us can’t have that profound experience. We only have access to low-resolution videos, still images, and artifacts in museums.

An authentic experience,
the first of its kind.

  1. Live Feed 360-degree projection 
from NASA ’s LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)
  2. Lunar terrain recreated from 
the NASA maps and models
  3. Projection surface
  4. Hidden planetarium projectors
  5. Deployable hemispherical dome

An immersive space for exploration.

  • Deployable venue

  • Real-time, true to life video of the universe via state-of-the-art projection technology

  • Lunar topography hides projectors, creating a seamless visual experience

  • Lightweight steel structure

Potential Offering

Proposed Program

Revenue Streams


Film Screenings



Art Shows

Fashion Shows

Camping Nights

Educational Programs

Non-Profit Events

Private Events

Tribute The Astronauts of Apollo 11

50 years since Abbey Road

Parties New Moon Party
Full Moon Party

Film Festival Invited Directors

Special Events Opera, Ballet
Meteor Shower Camping Night

Conferences The Future of Earth
The Last 50 Years of Earth
Mars Now and Beyond

Concerts such as Björk, Daft Punk

Fashion Show Tribute to the Space Age


Special Event Ticketing

Membership Fees

Private Event Rental

Interactive Media

Educational Programs



Enter 1969

Before you enter the first dome, you are given a headset and a brief instruction to follow the sounds… Inside the dome, your movement triggers the audio to change, creating an aural journey through the 1960’s.

Travel to the Moon

You begin your travel to the Moon through a dark tunnel designed to clear your mind.

The Lookback

As you exit the tunnel, you are met with a raised terrain that you overcome to meet a vast lunar landscape… You enter an immersive space, a Moon on Earth. A journey of moral and spiritual significance that gives visitors a new outlook and reawakens the drive to protect our planet.

Coming home

When you are ready to return to Earth, you proceed to the lunar module that conceals the exit.

Coming home

A white tunnel guides you to the open field outside.

Contemplation field

You emerge onto a green, open space where people are contemplating and enjoying the present moment.

Earth is in your hands

Finally, you enter the last dome to experience a high-resolution 360 degree projection of natural vignettes from all over the globe. Visitors control the projections by choosing one of hundreds of points programmed in the Lookback app, showcasing the beauty of our planet.