We must change perspective

“...they looked up and they snapped this picture, and it became known as Earth Rise. And that one picture exploded in the consciousness of humankind. It lead to dramatic changes. Within 18 months of this picture, the modern environmental movement had begun." —Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth

The late sixties were years that shaped a generation: a story of war, a struggle for racial equality, the explosion of counter culture. This was time when a generation rebelled and lost its innocence. The war in Vietnam divided the country more than any other time since the Civil War. It was the first televised war, and the images were not escapable.

It was a time to experiment, to dream, to rebel, and to invent. This energy brought the birth of new movements in music, fashion, transportation, and exploration.

Our fascination with the Moon has been a human preoccupation since Adam and Eve. It has religious and scientific overtones. We see from Galileo, Copernicus and many other astronomers and ‘dreamers’, there has always been a passion for space and desire to reach distant planets.

On July 20th, 1969, the first man landed on the moon: a historic event that changed our world and redefined the meaning of hope and possibility. It shaped exciting industries and created many more.

For the Apollo astronauts, the most profound experience they reported was not standing on the moon, but rather the experience of looking back at Planet Earth.

With only a few astronauts traveling to outer space and fewer still setting foot on the Moon, for the rest of humanity that experience is communicated only through photographs, low-resolution videos, and a few artifacts in museums.

What if we can give all of humanity the experience of seeing Planet Earth from the perspective of the Moon to the best of our ability here on Earth?

"The Lookback” (opening July 20th, 2019) is not just the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Moon Landing, but also a pilgrimage that aims to give people a journey of moral and spiritual significance.

The name—The Lookback—is a term born by Apollo astronauts. They said that if every human being had the ability to look back at Earth, they would be different people and their relationship with the planet would be profoundly impacted. In this vulnerable time for the earth, we hope to change people's perspective through this immersive new experience.

Changing perspective

Restoring the blue & green